Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shower for Erin and Baby Elizabeth Jane!

Last weekend Grace and I headed to Decatur to host a shower for Erin and Baby "El." We gave it with some other old friends at the Point Mallard Clubhouse. The food was yummy and it was so good seeing people I haven't seen in years.

Cupcakes from Gigi's - divine!

Erin was so excited to see all of her gifts.

I did not get a single picture of Grace at the party. Probably because she wasn't exactly behaving. She was very upset because the presents were not for her. I was so glad my mom was there to wisk her away to McDonalds for a Happy. We did get out in the snow the next day right before leaving. You could actually play with this snow unlike the snow at home that was just ice.

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