Sunday, February 27, 2011


Three special girls turned 3 this month! Our friends Sophia, Caroline and Presley had parties and we were there to celebreate! Fifi had an Olivia themed party which Grace loved because she had just recently discovered "Owivia."

It was a "Paint Party" and the girls painted handprint flowers on canvases. Too cute!

This is where the fun ended for Grace. She didn't like her apron, she didn't want to eat cake, she didn't want to sit down, she didn't like the fact that hte presents weren't for her, and pretty soon she was crying and screaming and just acting AWFUL! I took deep breaths and then decided it was best for us to head home so the birthday celebration could continue is peace. I didn't know if I could handle two more! I told Jon I would never attempt another birthday party on my own again.
Caroline's party was one week later and we had some serious talks about who's birthday it was, who the presents were for and that there would be no getting upset or we would have to go home. It worked!
Caroline's party was a bring your favorite motorized toy and ride around kind of thing.


This is Grace's friend, Darby, who goes to the school where I teach. Isn't she beautiful? Grace calls her blonde Barbie Doll "Darby."

This was really one of the best kid's birthday ideas ever! FREE FUN!

Grace liked the bouncy house, too!

Grace was so much better behaved at this birthday.
Presley's party was at a place with lots of things to play on!

Poor Cole (Presley's Dad) had to lay like this on the fun slide to help the little girls up. What Daddys will do for their daughters!!

Three years ago these three women and I were all pregnant. We didn't know Caroline's mom back then but I remember when Tiffany had Sophia and Crystal had Presley. I couldn't wait to meet Grace! I had no idea how close our babies would get to be. I love that they love each other so much. We are blessed to call all of them our friends!!

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