Monday, March 14, 2011

Candle Lighting

I am an adviser for the chapter of AOII that I was a part of in college and am still a member of today. I go to a few meetings each year but I never get to take Grace because they don't start until 8:00. The girls always ask where she is and how she's doing so when I found out that my next chapter meeting was going to be at 5:00 I wanted to bring her! She did so well through the whole meeting. Only one slightly embarrassing moment when she yelled out "Mommy! I bur-ped!!" At the end of the meeting the president pulled out a candle meaning that someone had some important news to share!!! The candle went around 3 times to "There's an AOII who is smiling..." and the president, Deanna, actually blew it out! She's engaged! Grace told her Daddy when we got home that she didn't get to blow the candle out. THANK GOODNESS!!! The girls were sweet to let Grace be in there picture!

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