Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fall Fun!

We had a very exciting fall with things to do non stop! Here are just a few of the things we did before our lives flipped upside down (momentarily).
School was back in session which means REALLY early mornings (I'm talking 4:30am for me and 5:45 for Grace and Daddy, HAVE MERCY!)

But it also means we are on a schedule, lots of cute outfits, crafts every single day and a huge milestone - Grace Mills knows just about all her letters! I have been blown away by how much she has learned in the 3 year old class. I seriously do not know what there is going to be left to learn in kindergarten. She is getting really good at writing her first and last name and draws stick figures to represent our family. It's precious!

In September Nanny bought Grace a pair of light up Skechers and I'm pretty sure Grace's life hasn't been the same since she got them. They really are great school shoes and hold up well on the playground. But I have to bribe her to wear any others so that has been a little tricky.
By far one of our favorite things about fall is Auburn football!
Even Grace seemed to really enjoy game day this year, which consists of us staying at home to watch the game with good food. Everytime she seems the Auburn emblem she yells "WAAAAAAAARRRRRRR EAGLE, HEY!" She found out who was an Auburn fan and who was an Alabama fan from everyone at school and would come home and tell us. It would go something like this "Presley goes for Alabama and we don't like Alabama right Mommy? EEEEWWW!"
We met Presley and her family at the Pumpkin Patch in October. What I remember about it is that I was HOT and MISERABLE at 9 months pregnant but Grace had a ball and that is all that matters.

Their favorite part was riding horses which scared me to death. How I went from being a girl who once loved being propelled towards the ground on the Skycoaster at the beach to being terrified of my daughter possibly falling a few feet off from a horse I'll never know but I'm totally there. They rode together first and then on the way out they each rode again seperately.

It finally cooled off and Presley had us over for a hayride and smores which was so fun!

Grace's school had a fun fall festival

We carved a pumpkin, which despite looking like she's having fun, held her attention for all of about 15 seconds.

And possibly my favorite thing we do each fall, JSU's homecoming. I was only up to going to the parade this year but that was more than enough fun.

She loved dancing to the bands and catching candy!

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