Monday, July 27, 2009

My Little Daredevil....

Have I mentioned what a daredevil little Miss Grace is? In the last couple of months we have really started to notice it. She climbs on everything. When I think something is too high for her to be able to get on, she proves me wrong. Just a few days ago she got on top of the rocking-horse that Grand Dad and Nana gave her for her birthday and STOOD UP! Yes, she was holding on, but she stood up nonetheless! Yesterday evening I was sitting in her floor working on some school work on my lap-top. She had opened this draw several times before just to peak inside and take a few things out. Before I knew it, she had flung every piece of clothing onto the ground and climbed inside. She was very proud of herself but cried when she couldn't get out. Mommy to the rescue!
We visited another church yesterday, Munford Baptist. Jon and I loved it! I can't even begin to count how many people came over to greet us and we felt so welcome. We will definitely be going back! Grace styaed in the nursery. We weren't worried about how she would do because she loves daycare. When the service was over, we got behind a crowd of people and several babies must have been picked up before we got to Grace because when we did finally get to her, she was screaming bloody murder! This is not like her, but because she knows what it means when parents start returning and we were not there, I think she got worried!

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