Friday, July 31, 2009

Where did my little baby go??

We are at Grandmere's and she has all of your one month pictures that Aunt Kelli took on her computer. It's amazing to look back at just 13 short months ago! You have tripled in size and are a little girl now. I miss that tiny baby but I adore playing with you and listening to you. All summer long I have practiced your words with you. Without realizing it, I have always gone in the same order. I would say the word and you would repeat it. The other day you heard our dogs barking so not surprisingly you said, "Doooooggg!!" and two seconds later you said, "Fowerrrr!" for "flower." This is probably not nearly as funny to anyone but me but because that's the order I had been doing the words with you for several months, it's hilarious to me!

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Mrs. Tigue said...

This blog is just precious! I can't believe how big Grace is getting. She is beautiful!