Monday, July 6, 2009

A wonderful first half of summer

Dear Grace,

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed spending time with you this summer. I haven't spent nearly as much time with you as I would like, but the time we've spent together has definitely been some of my favorite time with you so far in your short life! I have been busy working on my Masters degree and hopefully the it will benefit you later in life. Most weeks you just go to school for 2 days so that I can work on "school stuff" but there have been a couple of weeks that you've had to go every day and I did not like that one bit! I had hoped to keep this blog updated more often than I have and I'm going to make that a priority for the rest of the summer, I promise.

So here's a quick re-cap of what we've done so far:

1) At least 2 trips to the doctor because you continue to cough and sound like their is "stuff" in your chest.
2) A wonderful birthday party where you got lots of gifts, saw all of your family who think you are the greatest baby in the entire world (and they are totally right!) We celebrated on the 20th due to the AOII convention but then tried to take you out to eat at Lonestar on your "real birthday." I say tried because you were not too happy to be there. After a little screaming, lots of squirming and food all over Mommy's dress - it was time to call it a night! That's ok, we'll try again next year!

3) Spent 3 nights at GrandDad and NaNa's while Mommy and Grandmere went to the AOII convention in Tampa, Florida. Yes, I missed you like crazy and thought about you the entire time. I'm sure one day you'll wonder why we didn't just leave you with Daddy. Daddy wears a sleep apnea machine and would never hear you when you wake up at night so trust me, this was the right decision! He missed you lots, too.

4) Spent the 4th of July at Grandmere's where we participated in the Spirit of America Children's Parade and surprisingly won 1st place for your decorated "Baby Liberty" Wagon! You also got to eat yummy 4th of July food, attended your first Miss Point Mallard pageant where you were a dancing fool and watched your first fireworks show. You slept until almost 9:00am the next day!
5) And ofcourse, lots of swimming in your pool!

I know that before we know it, I'll be back at work and you'll be back at school full time. I find myself envious of other mommies who get to stay home with their kids every day, but try to look on the bright side. You have a wonderful place to stay while I'm at work and you love it there. Not to mention, you've learn so much! Some of your favorite words right now are dog, which you say, "daaaawwwww" but we know exactly what you mean. You say flower, or "wower." "Uh-oh" and "Da-Da" are your two favorites. You rarely say "Ma-Ma" and instead call me "Da-Da" as well. My favorite word that you have picked up on is "Thank you!" You say it several times a day when we give you something and you even say it when you give something to someone else. Atleast you get the concept! Mrs. Sonya told me today that you say it at school all the time! I love you so much!

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