Saturday, September 5, 2009

Game Day Ready... even with Pink Eye!

Happy to be at Grandmere's!

Mrs. Ally called me at work yesterday. I was very alarmed because in the full year that I have been back at work, they've never called me. Grace had pink eye. I had wiped some "gunk" off her eye that morning but didn't think much of it. So I left school and picked her up around 12:00. Grace was very excited to see me so early. She even snickered a little at the babies who were having to go down for naps as she waved bye. We went to the doctor, got drops, and were on our way to Decatur so see Grandmere! This morning we woke up to see that it had spread to her other eye, but honestly it's not that bad. It doesn't seem to bother her at all.
I have a new website that I LOVE! It's and it is a free online photo editor. The best part: you right click to save the photos and can upload them to your photo printing store of your choice. I made a few edits to some pictures I took of Grace today.

As most of you know, my grandmother, "MeMe" has Alzheimers. She has had it since 2002 so it's definitely in the later stages. However, every now and then God gives us a moment so special, words can not describe. Today she and I were sitting in the kitchen and I said, "I love you, MeMe!" She replied, "I love you too, Laurie. I could never forget you." I know, it sounds like something out of The Notebook, but I promise it really happened. My grandmother is such a wonderful, dear person to me and I am very thankful for this little moment we had together.

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