Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Half Birthday!

Dear Grace,
     It is hard to believe that you are a year and a half old today. You've gone from being the tiniest baby I had ever held to a little girl in such a short time. You are still the most wonderful and exciting part of our lives and we are so thankful to God for allowing us to be your parents. Here are some things I never want to forget...
-You've learned the word "no" and use it. In addition you've also learned to say "Mine!!" When I asked your teacher about it she said that you hear that all day long from the other babies. They like to say, "Mine, GACE!" and that just makes me laugh.
-You are so particular about shoes and socks. If I put a pair of shoes on your feet and see that they don't fit any more and need to get out another pair, you get a little upset. Unlike most babies, you love wearing shoes!
-That brings me to another point, your growing feet! My goodness, your feet grow so fast! I have to put up another pair of shoes every week because they no longer fit.
-You are becoming much more loving towards Daddy and I. You give hugs and kisses and lay your head down on our shoulder all the time now.
-A few months ago we would have said that you were most definitely a mommy's girl but now it's hard to tell. You are really warming up to Daddy!
-You have given every grandparent a name except my mom, who thinks you will one day call her Grandmere. She tries to not let it hurt her feelings but often says, "This must be how GaGa felt when your mommy didn't call him anything for years!"
-We are still working on not throwing food or your cup from your high chair. Mommy is being very patient!
-I do want to make a note for myself and any soon-to-be-first-time moms out there that the first few months after your b arrives, you will think you know what being tired means. Then your baby will become a toddler and you will REALLY KNOW what being tired means! When I complained about my lack of sleep 16 or 17 months ago someone should have reminded me of that song that goes, "Baby, you aint seen nothin' yet!!!" An 18 month old is truly exhausting! But amazing at the same time!
-Your favorite food is bananas and you would eat 10 a day if I would let you. It's very hard to walk past the bananas at the grocery store without you wanting one! You also love cheese and green beans which has made for some interesting diapers.
-Your vocabulary just keeps growing and growing. You are putting words together for short phrases that probably only I would understand. I will get a list together of all the words you can say real soon!
-One of your favorite things to do is look at pictures of your friends from school. You know them by name and get so excited when you tell me who's who. And am VERY glad that you can say their names. I am hoping that if you get bit again you can tell me who did it so I can... wait, I can't do a darn thing! I'd still like to know who the biter is ;)
-You have 8 teeth, 4 of which you cut just a couple of weeks ago. It was not a big deal (for you) and you made it through your second teething phase just fine.
-You remind us every now and then that the "Terrible Twos" are on their way and that's ok - we'll get through it together! It's never more than a couple of minutes before you are back to your happy self.

Grace, you make me laugh each and every day. You've put life more in perspective and made me see what's important. You've brought our family even closer together. Most of all you are a constant reminder of how much God loves us. You are so very special and I just love you more than words can say. Now I get to start planning your second birthday.... ooooohhhh weeeee as you would say!!!!

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